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Goat is the owner of New Jersey's local dump. He is the one who sold Megas to Coop for two dollars, as he told Coop that everything in Megas' pile was only two dollars. Goat is usually seen at his junkyard minding his own business, but sometimes gets involved with Coop and his company, while inside Megas. Goat is always seen wearing a blue jumpsuit, trucker hat, and possibly a white tank top. Goat doing what he can to pay rent this month Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Literature. Submit your writin

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Darlene is a battle robot created by Goat with parts of other robots from a junkyard planet.. Biography []. One day Goat begin to imagine how it would be if he had a giant robot of his own. While Coop and Megas were fighting Varsin, he appeared to help in the battle with his own robot he created with old parts and from other robots.He called his creation Darlene Megas XLR › Goat. Goat. Scot Brutus Rienacker is the voice of Goat in Megas XLR. TV Show: Megas XLR Franchise: Megas XLR. Goat VOICE Scot Brutus Rienacker. Jose Mendez. Hamilton Ricardo. Comments Add a Comment. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? - Share your reason with the rest of the community The characters from Downtown, Megas XLR and Metalocalypse are all the same Goat. The real Goat did his own voice for Downtown and Megas. His voice was done by James Hetfield of Metallica for Metalocalypse. In addition to being forced into doing cartoon voices, he is a tattoo artist located in Jersey City..

Megas is the titular mecha of Megas XLR. A powerful prototype battle robot, the MEGAS XLR (Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System, eXtra Large Robot) is customized and piloted by Coop, an overweight gamer and mechanic. Coop, along with Kiva and Jamie, use Megas to defend Earth from the Glorft and many other dangers they come across. 1 History 1.1 Origin 1.2 Travel to the Past 1.3 Test Drive. Gorrath is war master and leader of the Glorft.. Biography []. Gorrath is Coop's arch nemesis. He followed Kiva with his army, back in time, to retrieve Megas.Gorrath often launches attacks of fleets at Coop, in order to obtain Megas.. Relationships []. Coop - Gorrath is a fierce leader and seems to treat everyone with disdain. Many of his Soldiers appears to dislike him Galaxia is a humanoid female and member of a group called the Ultra-Cadets, who defend their planet and people from evil. the voice by Janice Kawaye Galaxia went to Earth to find Coop, but instead she mistook Coop for Jamie. She and the others needed Coop's assistance in fighting the Kurdock, so Jamie fooled her into taking him instead. Galaxia agreed that she and the other cadets would not be. Oh yeah! Stratospheric Strawberry Slime, it's the nectar of the GAWDS!! That could take HOURS

Today, we're gonna visit the DMV. Hey, it's a giant robot... and he's destroying the place. Awesome.This is undoubtedly my favorite clip in Megas XLR. Coop s.. Megas XLR is an American animated television series created by Jody Schaeffer and George Krstic for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around two slackers: mechanic Coop and his best friend Jamie, who find a mecha robot from the future called Megas (Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System) in a New Jersey junkyard.Coop modifies Megas and replaces his head, the control center, with a classic.

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What happen when a basement dweller gets his hands on a futuristic battle robots? Mahem, in the typically USA style! A must watch for the total havoc Goat: I'm fine...it will take more than an alien invasion to stop old goat! Jamie: They must be using some kind of ghost laser which passes through shields. *Megas gets back up and points at the UFO's* Coop: You chumps think you can take me down well here is a taste of your own medicine!!! *Megas opens up and fires a wave of missiles at the ships Coop: Hey! *Megas grabs the thing and throws it into the walls of Goat's membrane. Megas gets back up and jumps into the air.* REYAHHHH!! *Coop gives the thing an elbow drop. The thing explodes. Gunk and stuff is thrown everywhere.* Jamie: Nice! *Megas gets up and moves its hands to signal a job well done.* Coop: Well that takes care of that one

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  1. Coop: Right I'll try and finish this up! *Megas comes out of hiding and runs up to Slim. Megas goes to give Slim a high kick to the face. It connects. Slim crashes into a building. It falls on him.* Goat: Well the bright side is this guy we can knock down! *Slim gets back up. He takes out a second tommy gun
  2. *Meanwhile we see other people looking outside glaring at the robot fight while Galaxia is afixiated on Goat and visa versa We see Megas speed flying towards Cryo who looks scared and Megas tackles him and they go through buildings and they land after a while and a building topples on them, when they get up we see Megas grabbing Cryo by his.
  3. Megas XLR sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2007. Postado por ramon às Coop encontra o robô no ferro-velho, totalmente danificado, e com a ajuda de Goat, modifica a máquina do futuro e transforma-o no que parece ser um jogo de computador gigante, que só ele parece conseguir pilotar com precisão cirúgica
  4. Megas XLR 01x12 Mega Golpe de Estado Español Latino. harleylauren7544. 31:39. Megas XLR E 6. Roars Heads. 22:44. Megas XLR 01x07 La Fuga Español Latino. dianaava1043. 22:09. Megas XLR - 24 - Universal Remote [DarkDream] tobyfrankie6010. 31:43. Megas XLR E 7. Roars Heads. 29:26. Megas XLR S 2 E 9
  5. 10 Years After Megas XLR: An Interview With George Krstic. Posted by mdefeo on October 14, 2014. From May 2004 to January 2005, 26 glorious episodes of Megas XLR hit the airwaves. The show was about two modern-day slackers (Coop and Jamie) who inherit a giant robot from the future named Megas XLR (XLR standing for eXtra Large Robot)
  6. Megas XLR is an Amerime that initially appeared on Cartoon Networks Toonami block. Megas XLR was originally titled Lowbrow, and featured on Cartoon Networks 2002 Summer Cartoon Contest. The aim of the contest was to see which contestant would become a series on the network. The series was renamed, and featured on Toonami from May 1, 2004 to January 15, 2005 when the series was cancelled. 1.
  7. Megas XLR: Love at First FighLove at First Fight. *The episode starts in Jersey City and Megas on line at the Taco bar. There is also a car in front of it and 2 cars behind it. Inside the car, Coop is licking his lips and rubbing his hands in a satisfying way.* Goat colored grimphantom 24 9 Goat grimphantom 8 9 Evil Goat drowsteel 8 20 Goat.

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  1. Megas XLR is a series about an overweight couch potato named Coop who stumbles across a giant robot in a junkyard. He soon discovers that the robot was sent from the future when a woman named Kiva returns to the past to claim what is rightfully hers, though Coop made so many modification to the machine so he's the only one who can fully operate it
  2. Ama Glorft'lar bir esrarengizlik oldugunu kavrarlar ve tasarıyı bozarlar. Megas 1930 senesine gider ve New Jersey'de bir hurdalığa düşer. Sene 2004 olmuştur. Hurdalık Coop'un dostu Goat'ın hurdalığındadır. Coop Megas'ı 2 papele dolar satın alır, Megas'ın boyasını baştan alt değiştirir ve tepesine otomobilini koyar
  3. Megas (Piloted by Coop etc.) [Megas XLR] vs Old Man Henderson [D&D Lore] riding The Goat from Goat Simulator must destroy a city. Who destroys it the fastest? For obvious balancing reasons, Megas has somehow ran out of Missiles and bullets, and therefore must elbow drop and punch to victory

CN as a whole is directly under Warner Bros.' wings now, so anything CN has made is now owned by Warner Bros. This doesnt stop the fact that the show will never rerun on American air waves again, but that doesnt stop it from streaming (just assuming here, since Sym-Bionic, another written off show, is on Netflix rn) or making cameos (like in that OK K.O. episode with literally every CN show. The reason for the numerous stabs at MTV is because a number of Megas XLR's staff came from MTV's Downtown, which, like many other MTV cartoons, was cancelled after only one season. Goat, a recurring character in Megas XLR, is also a character in Downtown Megas XLR dEKİ mega slace ve pizzalar hakında menü: Perş. Ocak 08, 2009 5:22 pm tarafından coop_megas: kiva tabikide güzel bir kız kivanın dövüşmesi çok güzel kiva güzel kız olmasaydı goat ona sulanmazdı: Yorum: 2 Megas is being blindly remote controlled by Jamie, so Megas is causing mass destruction and basically walking around mindlessly. The Glorft commander is looking at this with a face of abject confusion. [dead link] Then a little old lady in a car pulls up to an intersection as the light turns red. Megas takes a hit and plows across the.

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The Return of Megas XLR? by Jerry Whitworth. Created by New York's School of Visual Arts students George Krstic and Jody Schaeffer, Megas XLR was conceived by Krstic while playing a video game with Schaeffer as a series that combines elements of cartoons, anime, comic books, video games, and more in an animated series. Using Schaeffer's high end computer, the pair were joined by fellow SVA. Tropes used in Megas XLR include: Achievements in Ignorance: Coop. Also, in the second episode, Jamie managed to find the Planet of the Space Amazons, which, up until then, was thought to only exist in a comic book. Coop also found a food court there. Action Girl: Kiva, who is A) saving the world from Coop and Jamie, B) saving the future from. Megas XLR is een Amerikaanse animatieserie uitgezonden op Cartoon Network.De serie is bedacht door Jody Schaeffer en George Krstic. Een pilotaflevering met als titel Lowbrow was te zien in 2002 en bleek zeer populair bij het testpubliek. De serie liep van 1 mei 2004 tot 26 april 2006.Een petitie om de show terug te laten keren op Cartoon Network haalde niks uit Megas XLR, Cartoon Network için Jody Schaeffer ve George Krstic tarafından yapılan bir Amerikan animasyon televizyon serisidir.Punk ve Rock kültürünü taşıyan seri, 1 Mayıs 2004 ve 15 Ocak 2005 tarihleri arasında toplam 2 sezon (26 bölüm) olarak Toonami kuşağında yayınlanmış, düşük reytinglerden dolayı seri iptal edilmiştir Megas is having some serious problems and if it isn't repaired, it will likely get destroyed in the next battle. Kiva realises that there's only one planet in this time period that has the resources to fix Megas, so they head off to the planet which turns out to be a waste disposal planet used by several alien races

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  1. Jamie is one of the main protagonists of Megas XLR. He usually acts cowardly when on adventures with Coop and Kiva. Jamie knew Coop since elementary school and spent time hanging at his house. Jamie usually is seen on Coop's couch, reading a magazine, where his imagination takes him into a..
  2. ds behind MTV's Downtown — serves up an affectionate spoof of guy culture, science fiction, anime, and pretty much anything considered cool in The '80s.If you consider Neon Genesis Evangelion the Deconstruction of the Humongous Mecha genre, then consider Megas XLR the Demolition (and, possibly, the American precursor to Tengen Toppa Gurren.
  3. I wouldn't call Megas XLR anime, more like a nice blend of anime and american styles, like Teen Titans and I love it. I normally hate anime, but Megas is like a nice small dose.--. Viridis talk | contributions 00:59, 14 June 2007 (UTC) Its not the anime you see in japanese cartoons, it is a mix of america-anime style

Megas XLR è una serie televisiva animata statunitense del 2004, creata da Jody Schaeffer e George Krstic.. La serie ruota attorno a Coop e il suo migliore amico Jamie, che trovano un robot meccanico del futuro chiamato Megas (Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System) in una discarica del New Jersey.Coop modifica Megas sostituendogli la testa e il centro di controllo con una classica muscle car. Between catching a tan on a scrap hill or relaxing in his favourite lawn chair, Goat is the owner and operator of the junkyard in which Coop found MEGAS. Like Jamie, he tries to hit on girls (usually Kiva) and falls just a bit short この項目「Megas XLR」は途中まで翻訳されたものです。(原文:英語版 Megas XLR 16:32, 1 August 2008(UTC)) 翻訳作業に協力して下さる方を求めています。ノートページや履歴、翻訳のガイドラインも参照してください。 要約欄への翻訳情報の記入をお忘れなく。( 2010年5月 Megas XLR Season 2 Episode 8. Big Mouth Entertainment & Media. 178 views · February 5. Related Pages See All. M8N Fansclub. 17,819 Followers · Gaming Video Creator. McPuffn420. 335 Followers · Gaming Video Creator. Photographic.ly. 29 Followers · Photographer. XPawNx. 497 Followers · Video Game MEGAS XLR. 1,330 likes · 1 talking about this. 3037 yılında Glorftlar dünyayı işgal etmektedir.Dunyanın elindeki tek koz ise Glorftlardan çaldıkları M.E.G.A.S. robotudur.Ve Glorftlarda robotu geri alma

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Megas XLR Season 2 Episode 9. Big Mouth Entertainment & Media. 113 views · February 5. 2:25. Glorious Star Fox. Big Mouth Entertainment & Media. 71 views · February 14. Related Pages See All. M8N Fansclub. 17,817 Followers · Gaming Video Creator. Baithuti Tuition. 206 Followers · Education Megas XLR - amerykański serial animowany. Jest to opowieść o wielkim robocie, który został ukradziony w przyszłości od kosmicznych najeźdźców na Ziemię w celu przesłania go do niedalekiej dla nich przeszłości, by zmienić historię, jednak w czasie ataku został pozbawiony centrum sterowania (głowy) oraz przesłany gdzieś tak o tysiąc lat za daleko w tył (do XX wieku. Not the main cast Zelenka (Atlantis) Crewmna Kowalski (Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea) Hodges (CSI شاهد المسلسل Megas XLR الموسم 1. يصنع البشر المحارب الأقوى ميغاس لمواجهة الفضائيين عام 3037، ويحاولون إرساله للماضي لحظة بدء الحرب لإيقافها، لكن خطأ في العملية يرسله إلى ماض أبعد بكثير

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Goat: Hamilton Ricardo Gorrath (Comandante Glorft): Luiz Carlos Persy Magnanimo: Duda Espinoza Subchefe Glorft: Pietro Mário Estúdio de Dublagem: Som de Vera Cruz Direção de Dublagem: Hélio Ribeiro Episódios A Série Megas XLR possui apenas 26 episódios, sendo 13 episódios na 1ª temporada e 13 na 2ª temporada. Veja a seguir todos os. Megas XLR - Jenerik. Megas XLR, (XLR, eXtra Large Robot kısaltması) 3037 yılında Glorftlar dünyayı işgal etmektedir. Dünyanın elindeki tek koz ise Glorftlardan çaldıkları M.E.G.A.S. robotudur. Ve Glorftlarda robotu geri almak üzeredir Scot Goat from MTV's Downtown appears in Megas XLR. 1 Fusionfall: January 14, 2009: Characters from Megas XLR appear in Fusionfall. 1 OK K.O.! October 08, 2018: Kiva from Megas XLR appears in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode Crossover Nexus.

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List of Megas XLR episodes. Share this Rating Title: Even more unfortunate, Goat has come along for the ride, and is episides annoying Kiva, not to mention he's fantasizing about a personal robot of his own without any idea how to get or build one properly. Coop brings the treasure home and retools it to suit his modern-day slacker needs Megas XLR Season 2. $25.99. Available on. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Description. After Coop finds a gigantic robot rotting in a Jersey junkyard, he rebuilds it and creates the ultimate ride. But he has no idea how wild a ride! When the robot's creator, Kiva, arrives from the future searching for her M.E.G.A.S. XLR creation, a race of. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Megas Xlr animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> See a recent post on Tumblr from @pi-la about megas-xlr. Discover more posts about megas-xlr TITOLO ITALIANO: Megas XLR TITOLO ORIGINALE: Megas XLR PRODUZIONE: Cartoon Network Studios TRASMESSO NEGLI US A: Cartoon Network, dal maggio 2004 al gennaio 2005. TRASMESSO IN ITALIA: Cartoon Network, dal 10 gennaio 2005; Boing, dal 12 settembre 2005; NUMERO EPISODI: 26 (2 stagioni); DURATA EPISODIO: 22 minuti SIGLA: originale americana

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Megas XLR Türkçe altyazılı izle. 3037 senesinde Glorft'lar dünyayı işgal etmektedir. Dünyanın elindeki tek koz ise Glorft'lardan çaldıkları M.E.G.A.S. robotudur. Ve Glorft'lar da robotu geri almak üzeredir. Komutan Kiva Andru bir fikir bulur: Prototipi kullunarak 3037 senesinden 3035 senesine dönüp Glorft'ları yok edip dünyayı. All I Wanted was A Slushie - 2004. Cartoon Network Studios, Frederator Studios. featuring Coop, Megas, Jamie, Glorft, Kiva, Goat, Truck Driver, R.E.G.I.S. Mark V, Attendant, Gorrath, Glorft Commander; more Characters. All I Wanted was A Slushie. There have not yet been any votes for All I Wanted was A Slushie Megas XLR 1x13 Dublado Megas XLR S01E13 Assistir Megas XLR S01E13 - 1x13 - Dublado Ver Megas XLR S01E13 - 1x13 Dublad After an accident Coop, Jamie Kiva and Goat in Megas wind-up face to face to face with Gurren Lagann. Coop and Kamina truly a scary combination Crossover - Megas XLR & Gurren Lagann - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 398 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 13 - Published: 1/11/2010 - Kamin

Megas XLR 02x09 Un Megas bien Helado Español Latino. larissaletcia3084. 0:11. Megas XLR Inside Megas. Cartoon Network. 26:29. Megas XLR Se2 - Ep04 Viva Las Megas HD Watch. Martinsaraujo. 22:30. Megas XLR - 23 - A Clockwork Megas [DarkDream] RickNicholas7166. 22:18 Jamie is one of the main protagonists of Megas XLR. He usually acts cowardly when on adventures with Coop and Kiva. Jamie knew Coop since elementary school and spent time hanging at his house. Jamie usually is seen on Coop's couch, reading a magazine, where his imagination takes him into a different place, where he is in power, and Coop and Kiva are under his control. In combat, Jamie usually.

Megas XLR + Gurren Lagann Crossover. Follow/Fav Tengen Toppa Megas Lagan XLR. By: 3oct1111. After an accident Coop, Jamie Kiva and Goat in Megas wind-up face to face to face with Gurren Lagann. Coop and Kamina truly a scary combination. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Adventure - Kamina. GOAT é o encarregado do ferro-velho onde Coop achou o Megas. É um personagem secundário frequentemente aparece com seus comentários sarcásticos e muito divertidos. E um dos responsáveis por ótimos momento de descontração no desenho. Vive tentando pegar umas gatas, mas nunca teve sucesso em suas investidas.. Kiva tem tudo que é necessário para salvar o mundo: é determinada, concentrada e muito inteligente. Mas depois das alterações que Caras fez em Megas, ela tem dificuldades em controlar o gigantesco robô. Goat Cara tem aliados de vários tipos, e, um deles, é Goat. Encarregado do ferro-velho, é um mentor de mecânica para Cara. Gorrat Sinopse: Megas XLR (idem no original) é um desenho animado exibido pelo Cartoon Network, que também passava no bloco Toonami. Foi criado por Jody Schaeffer e George Krstic. O \XLR\ em Inglês significa eXtra Large Robot. O desenho conta a história de um jovem de 20 anos chamado Coop (Cara) que adora video-games e carros, que encontra um robô gigante do futuro no meio de um ferro velho, e. Baixar Desenho Megas XLR (2004) Torrent Download Dublado com qualidade TVRip e nos formatos AVI - Desenho conta a história de um jovem de 20 anos chamado Coop (Cara) que adora Video-games e carros, que encontra um robô gigante do futuro no meio de um ferro velho, e o transforma em uma máquina de luta cheia de equipamentos. O robô foi mandado para o passado pela militar Kiva, numa época.

Megas XLR Tv-Rip (Completo) Sinopse: O desenho conta a história de um jovem de 20 anos chamado Coop (Cara) que adora vídeo-games e carros, que encontra um robô gigante do futuro no meio de um ferro velho, e o transforma em uma máquina de luta cheia de equipamentos. O robô foi mandado para o passado pela militar Kiva, numa época onde. Titulo: Megas XLR Año: 2004-2005 Episodios: 26 Idioma: Español Latino Reseña. En el futuro la tierra está perdiendo la guerra contra una raza extrarrestre conocida como los Glorft

Megas XLR 2.Bölüm (Büyük Savaş) Türkçe İzle Megas XLR 6.Bölüm (Böcek Sistemi) Türkçe İzle Megas XLR 7.Bölüm (Patlama Noktası) Türkçe İzle Megas XLR 8.Bölüm (Dostum, Kafam Nerede) Türkçe İzle Megas XLR 13.Bölüm (Sürücü Koltuğu) Türkçe İzl Megas XLR: Genre: Komedi Mecha: Skapad av: Jody Schaeffer George Krstic: Medverkande: David DeLuise Wendee Lee Steve Blum: Musik Chicks Dig Giant Robots, framförd av Ragtime Revolutionaries Shawn K. Clemen Scot Rienecker - profil osoby w bazie Filmweb.pl. Filmografia, nagrody, biografia, wiadomości, ciekawostki Megas XLR is painfully 2004. I can't imagine what it would look like as a modern show, unless it was a radical reinvention. I think it's better left in the past

Megas XLR Wiki - link to Megas XLR wiki. Some Videos from Megas: Coop can ally with the humans in Attack on Titan but can't bring friends or foes from his own universe (except for his crew Jamie and Kiva and maybe Goat too and his car buddies but none else Megas XLR Download (2004) Dublado, Dual Áudio e Legendado Torrent. Sinopse: Coop um jovem de 20 anos que adora Vídeo Games e carros, encontra um robô gigante do futuro no meio de um ferro velho, e o transforma em uma máquina de luta cheia de equipamentos. O robô foi mandado para o passado pela militar chamada Kiva, numa época onde. Megas XLR, bir hurdalıkta dev bir robota rastlayan Coop adlı aşırı kilolu bir kanepeli patates hakkında bir dizi. Kısa süre sonra robotun gelecekten gönderildiğini, Kiva adlı bir kadın haklı olarak kendisine ait olduğunu iddia etmek için geçmişe döndüğünde keşfeder, ancak Coop makinede o kadar çok değişiklik yaptı ki onu tam olarak çalıştırabilecek tek kişi o... Jamie (Megas XLR) Darcy (Winx Club) Icy (Winx Club) Original Female Character; Stormy (Winx Club) Summary. During Justin and Justine's party over at the studio, Darcy meet up with someone who understands her feelings and has similar abilities as her. This is a Megas XLR and Winx Club crossover, I don't own any characters except for OC's


»INFORMAÇÕES« Titulo original : Megas XLR Lançamento: 2004 Gênero: Ação / Aventura / Comédia Formato: AVI Qualidade: TVRip Idioma: Dublado / Português Tamanho: 3.72 GB Duração: 20 Min Qualidade do Audio: 10 Qualidade de Video: 9 Servidor Via: Torrent SINOPSE: Desenho conta a história de um jovem de 20 anos chamado Coop (Cara) que adora Video-games e carros, que encontra um robô. Megas XLR (idem no original), um acrônimo em inglês para Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System eXtra Large Robot, é uma série animada de televisão americana que foi ao ar no bloco Toonami no Cartoon Network e foi produzida pelo Cartoon Network Studios. Criado por Jody Schaeffer e George Krstic. A série é uma homenagem e também uma paródia sobre o gênero de animação japonesa sobre.

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